Monday, January 24, 2011

Emme At 14 Months

{Examining her new squeaky shoes}

{"Where are your ears?"}

{"Where is your mouth?"}

{"Where is your hair?"}

Chris thinks I should start doing Emme's updates less often (which is why I skipped month 13), but I feel like she's changed so much lately that it's time for one! This stage is so fun, I don't want to forget any of it. So here it is.

At 14 months, Emme:
  • Has 8 teeth (1 is a molar)
  • Babbles constantly
  • Says no-no, doggie, duckie, dada, mama, etc.
  • Can identify many parts of her body
  • Loves to brush her teeth & hair, and tries to put in her own clippies
  • Tries to imitate everything we do (most famously, sitting down on the bathroom scale next to the toilet and just chilling with us while we're "busy")
  • Waves & says "hi" to everyone we pass at the grocery store
  • Walks up to anyone she sees and puts her arms up to be picked up (...even strangers at the grocery store)
  • Has developed quite the shoe fetish (...but in her defense, her shoes are pretty dang cute)
  • Reads books all day long! Over and over and over!
  • Cuddles her stuffed animals & babies
  • Still hates food (what else is new?)
  • Has completely transitioned from a bottle to a sippy, from soy formula to soy milk, and from babyfood to table food
  • Has developed a King-Kong splashing method in the bathtub, because she refuses to sit.

{"Ooooh, the Napping House. I love this one, mom!"}

{Reading to Mr. Bunny}

We love you, Emme-Lou!

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The Martin Family said...

Ok, she could not be any cuter. Don't listen to Chris and keep updating. :)