Thursday, May 31, 2012

Stu's Graduation

Stu graduated from high school, as sibling number seven and the last graduating class of the original Olympus High building. A few of us went to go see him walk and celebrate with him. Way to go, Stu!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

St. George

We went to St. George over Memorial Day with my parents & siblings as a last little hurrah before everyone left on their missions. (Amy's departure date ended up earlier than planned, so she missed the event but everyone else was able to make it.)

The first morning Chris & Daniel went for a bike ride and the rest of us went for a hike in Zions. The little kiddos did great and we had such a fun time. Miyo took one look at the scenery while we were hiking and immediately asked her mom, "Are we on Mars?" (Thank you, Backyardigans.) Too funny.

Even Henry did great. He just loves being outside and loves being in the front carrier because he's a little bit of a snuggle bug. When he got hungry, I strategically draped myself with a blanket and nursed him while we hiked. (Never done that before!) But it worked great and he fell right to sleep after. What a little trooper!


All the grandkids with Grandma & Grandpa. (And me...since Henry was strapped to me.) While we posed for this picture we had a whole slew of Asian tourists who stopped and also took pictures of us in this pose for some reason. Too funny!

Stu hanging hooks off Emme's belt. She couldn't figure out what was going on behind her.

The next morning we went hiking in Snow Canyon and slid down the sand dunes. I had never been to the sand dunes before, and it was such a blast!

 Nora Jane wanted to take her shirt off like Tucker did. Cute little sunbather!

We also went swimming, walked around the temple, and of course ate way too much on this trip. We had a fun time getting to hang out all together as a family. See you all again in 3 years for another family vacay!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Henry found his toes, and they make him so happy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Henry At 4 Months

Henry turned 4 months old on the same day Emme turned 2 1/2. When they woke up in the morning and I had the diaper assembly line all laid out, I sang happy birthday to both of them at the same time. Their smiles & giggles were so precious -- they both loved it.

Then we took Henry to his 4 month checkup. The doctor laughed because she said Henry has such cute, defined little features yet he's sort of a tub-a-lub. (No, she didn't use those exact words.) He's doing great with his growth and great with his development.  He seems content with breastmilk alone still, so we're not starting solids just yet. His skin sensitivity remains a problem, but we just keep using aquaphor after every bath & as needed, and we wash everything around here like crazy. When he has a flare-up on his face from someone else's laundry detergent we have a steroid cream that calms it right down. So it's under control for now.

Henry 4 month stats:
Weight - 14 lbs 2 oz (45%)
Height - 25.25 inches (70%)
Head - 16.75 inches (50%)
 A few notes about Henry...
  • It appears that the nickname Emme has given him -- Boo-boo -- is going to sick. My apologies, little man.
  • Henry now sleeps from 8:30 PM til between 6:00 or 7:00 AM, and then goes back down until around 9:00 AM. Then he takes either 3 naps during the day or 2 long ones. This man a sleeper! Child after my own heart.
  • We've tickled a few laughs out of Henry lately. His laugh melts my heart! He is the most ticklish boy in the land.
  • Henry loves to sit in his bumbo right by the kitchen sink while I do dishes. Who knew it was so fascinating? He also loves to sit on the counter while we eat dinner or cook. This man may yet be social like his sister.
  • Henry still adores his swing. Even with the modifications I made to it, it's starting to groan under his weight, ha ha! I think we're going to outgrow the weight limit before we outgrow our love for it. So sad.
  • He loves to grab at toys, so we've got a hangy, rattly, noisy toy strapped to every baby appliance in the house.
  • Henry can roll front to back and back to front. And he still hates his tummy.
  • He found his feet this month. The second I lay him down to change his diaper, those feet go right to his hands. He loves holding onto them, but his big gut gets in the way sometimes so he has to take breaks to breathe. It's hilarious.
  • Henry adores going for walks and being outside. Whether we're watering the garden, washing the car or watching Emme kick her ball around the yard, it keeps him enthralled.
  • I'm convinced this boy is teething. His shirt is drenched down to his bellybutton with drool everyday, which requires numerous outfit changes because I can't bring myself to put him down to sleep in a cold, wet onesie. I put bibs on him but I don't like to put him down for naps with them on, and he just chews on them and creates more drool, which defeats their purpose!


Friday, May 18, 2012


Sometimes when we get bored, we put Henry in Emme's doll stroller and push him around the house. It's like he is her doll, which makes her world complete. And he loves it! She needs a little help turning around the corners, (because lets face it, this kid is huge) but she loves it.

Holding Henry

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Friends, Take 2


Our friends Kelli & Jeremy had their baby two weeks ago! We took them dinner and stopped in for a little visit to meet Jaycee. She is such a doll, and so tiny compared to Henry! I can't believe he was ever that small. (Probably because he was still in my tummy when he was that small, ha ha!)

We had to line the kiddos up on the carpet and take a picture like we did last time. Emme and Cambree are 6 months apart, and Henry and Jaycee are 3 1/2 months apart. And yes, their marriage has already been arranged.

Amy Leaves for Norway

Amy and Stuart gave their farewell talks this last Sunday in sacrament meeting on Mother's Day. They both did such a nice job. Afterwards all of the extended Pace and Langeland families came over to my parents house for food & conversation. It was a wonderful day with family.

Then on Tuesday night all of the siblings & spouses met over at the Stake Center to watch Amy be set apart as a missionary. We all got the chance to go around the table and share our feelings & testimonies. It was a special experience. The kind of experience you love but also hate because it's so emotionally draining! As we walked out of the church I said to my mom, I can't believe we have to do this two more times in the next month!

Amy was supposed to be at the MTC around 1:30 on Wednesday, so we all met at Cafe Rio on Wednesday morning at 11:00 AM for an early lunch and some last hugs & kisses.

Amy seemed really somber and nervous, but my Grandmother, true to her good form, apparently kept their conversation light and kept making jokes. Love you, Grandmother!

 Henry was a happy, happy boy. (Especially when you play patty-cake with his hands.)


When Amy finishes her mission, my parents will still be in Spain servings theirs. A while back she had mentioned to Michelle and I that she would like us to come pick her up from her mission in Norway. So when I gave Amy her last hug before she left, she told me she loved me and she would see me in Norway. I guess I'd better start saving my pennies!

Love you, Ames! You're going to be a fantastic missionary. We will miss you but we are so proud of you!