Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Randoms

 Doc McHenry, giving Stanley a checkup.

 Emme climbs in the crib and entertains Stanley if he starts to fuss and I'm busy cooking, etc. Sometimes she sings and talks to him, sometimes she shoves the binky in his mouth, sometimes she shows him Netflix. I feel like everyone should have a daughter as their first child. She is SUCH a good helper, I don't know what I would do without her! Stanley loves her to pieces. He recognizes her voice and when he hears her he'll crane his neck to look at her, wherever she is in the room. Emme is my angel!
 Super-Dad, pushing all three kiddos at the mall.
Best friends.

Emme asks to hold Stanley all the time. She just loves mothering him. Henry will often come over while she's holding him, grab either side of Stanley's head and say, "I'm holding the top." As you can see, Stanley loves it when he does this.

 A little bit of summer evening baseball.

Checkups at the doctor. We've been to the doctor SO many times this month, I've lost count!

 Princess Emme.
It's hard to tell from this picture, but these are my two, freshly-bathed, toweled toddlers hugging to warm up right after they hopped out of the bath. They do this every time they bathe or shower. So cute!

 Stanley meeting his BFF Vance for the first time. They are two and a half months apart.

I took Henry to the allergist again this summer. He's allergic to dogs and grass, but still no explanation for his eczema. But the train legos in the room while we waited were awesome!
 Morning snuggles.
 Like father, like son (the pencil behind the ear).

 Blue Steel.
"Seriously? Another picture, mom?"
It's the little things that make this girl happy.
Big sister helping Henry learn how to use his glider bike.

And last but not least, my sweet sleepy boy!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Emme's Artwork

I've officially turned into one of those moms who thinks their child's artwork is the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. I can't get over it. Emme has reached the age where she will sit down at the counter with a blank  piece of paper and some crayons, and entertain herself for 30-60 minutes by drawing. I love how colorful and imaginative her artwork is! I especially love the hair and eyes on the people she draws. So cute! And also the blue sky at the top of every drawing.

Here are a few of her latest masterpieces.
A hand flower, and Emme with her friends standing next to it. Hearts to the left of the flower. ^^^

 A flower. ^^^
 A hand butterfly. ^^^
 The sky at the top, rainclouds, and rain drops raining on the flowers below. ^^^
Lately, any time Emme draws our family she draws the baby in her arms, rather than mine. Like the baby is hers. Instead of mine. So cute. ^^^ (Left to right, Henry, Emme holding Stanley, Annalisa, Chris)
 Our family in front of our house. ^^^ (Left to right Henry, Emme holding Stanley, Chris, Annalisa)
I can't remember the story on this one, but I think the figures to the right of the rainbow are myself, Emme and Stanley on my hospital bed, and the figures to the left are Chris and Henry. And we're all dressed as princesses with crowns. (She laughed when she told me that part.) ^^^

The eyes! The hair! The rays of sun! And the tiny little crosses on the flower leaves! Love all of her drawings lately. ^^^