Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Randoms

 My three kiddos, smothering each other with love. <3 br="">
 Stanley is not impressed with selfies....yet.
 My twinner boys & Emme.
 Happy Stanley in his cute little vintage duds.
 We made friends with lots of bugs this summer.
 We went on a hike with the Whitneys to a waterfall!
 Stanley got stickered by Henry, but he didn't seem to mind one bit.
 First snow-shack's of the summer! (Yes, we were a little slow this year.)

 Mr. Blue Eyes.
Chris and I went to La Caille again for a charity dinner for Chris's work. This was the only shot we got, as we rushed home to nurse the babe. The creme brulee was amazing, as always. I even had to pump and dump later that night (too much dairy), but it was worth it!
 Manly Stanley.
This is our bathtime burrito. When Stanley was really little he hated the bath and would get really cold, so we wrapped him up in two towels to get him extra warm and calm him down, and the habit stuck.
Cool dude in his "I heart FCB" outfit from Grandma, during the World Cup.
Uncle Stu came home this month! We made a poster and hung it on his house.
We greeted him at the airport with balloons & lots of hugs, then headed to Cafe Rio to get him a long-awaited reunion with some REAL Mexican food.
The kiddos just LOVE uncle Stu. And he's super nice to oblige them and always be their "pusher" on the swings.
 Henry got a kazoo from daycare shaped like lips. I left him alone with the baby for a few minutes and when I walked by, I saw him "sharing" it with Stanley, ha ha! Pretty funny.
 Some cool sunglasses at the DI. They made us think of our dad. :)

Emme and our Buddha-Bellied boy in his swimsuit, ready for his first time in the swimming pool (which he loved).
 Just enjoying every moment of this sweet, sleepy little guy.
 Stanley wasn't feeling good (caught Henry's cold), so Emme drew him this picture to make him feel better.
 My sweet Henry boy.
Enjoying a little Netflix on the ipad together.
 Sweet Stanley Boy.
 Brudders and sweet kisses.

We hiked up to Ensign Peak with the kiddos. Stanley slept, Henry rode on Chris's shoulders and Emme's little legs walked the whole way!
Uncle Stu came over and helped me pull out some bushes in our yard (the perks of having an unemployed brother with big muscles!). While he was using a shovel he broke this rock in half and the kids were sooooo impressed at how strong Uncle Stu is. :)
We went to the splash park and the kiddos ran all through the water together. I love that they love to hold hands!
 My Henry Benry soaking up the rays.

We took a little self-timer photo on our 8th anniversary this year, to see how our family has changed in the last eight years.

 Henry shared his hat with Stanley.

 Emme is learning to brush her own hair in the morning.
 We ran into Emme's friend from daycare at swim lessons.
 Stanley Boy.
 I have a lot of "helpers" around this joint. :o
 Emme & her BFF in his treehouse.
This is how we party on a typical Friday night after the kids go to bed. Sit on the couch and watch a little Dateline on the DVR that puts Chris right to sleep!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day Boating

Daniel & Julie invited us to go boating with them on the 24th of July this year, and it was so much fun. They even had a tiny little lifejacket for Stanley boy and he did great in it.

He took a nap in it, and loved the wind in his hair. The only tricky part was that I couldn't quite nurse him with it on, ha ha. So we had to stop once and let the kids jump in & swim while I took him out & nursed him.
The kiddos had a great time on the tube.
 Emme even surfed with Uncle Stu.

On the way to the dock Henry crashed in Chris's arms...and slept all the way through til the next morning, ha ha! We wore him out bigtime! Thanks for such a fun day, Daniel & Julie.