Thursday, February 25, 2010

Emme At 3 Months

We took Emme for some 3 month photos this week. She was a bundle of smiles that morning, and she even had the photographer wrapped around her little finger. Plus, she waited until the very end of the photo shoot to blow out her diaper, so mama was happy! :)

I can't believe the changes this girl has been making lately! Emme now rolls over consistently from tummy to back, and she can grab for items in front of her. We busted out all of her rattle toys and she loves shaking and playing with them. She's started bringing them to her mouth to suck on, just like her fists. She loves to stand on your lap like a big girl, and look all around. Her legs are so strong! She's such a busy-body that I have to cover her with a blankie when I nurse her sometimes, because there's just too many other exciting things going on around her to be able to focus on eating. When we go shopping she LOVES being out and about, and seeing what's going on around her. She also loves being in the front carrier, even if it's just walking to the neighbors house, and even if it's cold and dark outside. She just can't get enough of that cold air on her face! She could be fussy inside as we're getting ready but the second we walk out the door she is all ears.

Perhaps the best news as of late is that we're in size 1 diapers, finally! Her legs are still too skinny for the legholes, but they're great otherwise. We keep telling Emme to put on some chunk but she just keeps getting longer and longer. She's actually starting to outgrow some of her 3-6 month clothes through the torso, but she can still wear newborn sizes around her waist.

She's also all smiles these days. She'll beam at anyone who smiles at her, and her whole body smiles with her. It's so cute! She'll flirt with total strangers while we're at the store, and they just love her. She's napping really well in her crib these days, and sleeping 8-9 hours a night! We just can't get enough of this girl. We put her in her bumbo with us on the table when we eat meals at home, and it just feels like a new little family -- it's so fun.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Emme has been rolling tummy to back for a while now! (It just took me a while to figure out how to get the video off our camera.) At first I thought it was an accident, but now she knows exactly how to get out of tummy-time, which she doesn't like at all.

Every time I set Emme on her tummy and then try to pick up the camera, she's already rolled over! So this time I got smart and set the camera down to capture a little bit of the action. It's off-center, but oh well.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Nom, Nom, Nom

Emme has recently discovered her hands. She clasps them together in front of her face and stares at them all day long. And occasionally tries to fit both of them in her mouth at the same time.

She also loves to feel things with her fingers, whether it's my shirt when I'm holding her, my hair when I'm burping her, or her binky while she's sucking on it. Yesterday she even got the binky back in her mouth with her hands after it fell out (probably a fluke, but still...she's learning!). She's getting to be such a big girl.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who Does She Look Like?

I finally got around to ordering Emme's baby pictures from the hospital the other day. At first I didn't think I was going to order any, because I always think babies look a little squished in pictures that young, and I thought we might get better ones on our own. But then when I look back at them and see how much she's changed, I realized I really wanted them so we could remember her cute little squished stage.

Soooo..... $50 bucks (and one scolding from my husband) later, we have Emme's adorable hospital photos! (FYI, never order over the phone. Those newborn-photo salesman are the devil in sheep's clothing.)

{I want to munch on those cheeks. Nom, nom, nom.}

Now we can finally play the Who-Does-She-Look-Like game!

Who-Does-She-Look-Like Game Offical Rules:
1. The answer is Chris.
2. No making fun of Annalisa's baby picture in which she looks as if she's been beaten with the ugly stick.

I think Emme has Chris's hair, Chris's nose, Chris's coloring (you can't tell from my baby picture, but I was and am pale as ghost) Chris's eyebrows and Chris's fingers. So far we think Emme might have a little bit of my eyes, and definitely my long torso. As for whether or not she has my cankles? The jury is still out.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Anyone Else Love The Olympics?

I'm a big fan of the Olympics. Like, a huge fan. I love the thrill of the underdog coming out on top! We had an opening ceremonies party last Friday with the Pace family, to kick off the excitement. And I've got my DVR set to record so I can catch every minute of it. All the time I spend nursing these days is mostly spent catching up on the excitement!

Recently I discovered another fan of the Olympics in our household.

Though truthfully, she's just a fan of TV in general...or maybe just the bright lights of the screen. Chris and I think it's hilarious. If the TV is on, she'll crane her head any way she has to in order to see the screen. (And for the record, we don't let Emme watch TV since children under 2 aren't supposed to have any TV time. I set her in front of it just for a photo's sake this morning.)

You may be wondering why there's a queen size bed on our living room floor? Well I'll tell you. Our basement that used to look like this: (notice the guest bed at the end of the room)

Now looks like this:

Chris has caught the remodeling bug in a serious way. Anyone know how to make it stop? I'm not sure I can handle this bed in my living room for the next 4 months!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

We spent a relaxed Valentine's Day at home this year. Chris made me breakfast in bed, and later that evening we enjoyed a candle-lit dinner with the whole family. We ate barbecue grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes and crab-stuffed sole fillets. Emme hung out in her bumbo during dinner, and was entranced by the candles.

Happy Valentines Day!
Love Emme

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bumbo Bonding Time

I walked in the bathroom the other morning to find this. I'm not sure who's loving the bumbo more in this picture! Emme is a busy-body, so she loves to be up and looking around. And Chris loves being able to take her wherever he goes so they can have their chats. (I told you that Chris has already taught her the timestables, didn't I?)

Thanks, Kelli and Jeremy for letting us borrow your bumbo!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mommy Brain

Can you see what's wrong with this (dusty) picture of my nightstand?

I'll tell you what's wrong! Lack of sleep mommy brain is what's wrong! Chris thought it was hilarious. He thoroughly enjoyed informing me that he didn't think the monitor would charge very well in the phone base.

I started back to work this last week, on Tuesdays and Fridays (hence the lack of sleep). And it hasn't been nearly as traumatic for me as I thought it would. I hate having to leave the little Bambina, because she's still so little and I feel like she needs me. But two of the three days I've worked so far, she's been home with her dad (to help ease the transition). I think it has been really good for both of them. Chris all of a sudden has a new-found confidence in his ability to soothe her and take care of her. And it's been good bonding time.

It's such a blur the night before and the morning of, setting out clothes and diapers and thawing milk, and getting up extra early so I can nurse her once before I leave. Once I get to work and sit down, I think, "Gees, this work stuff is a piece of cake compared to motherhood!" And once I got back and started working, I remembered how much I enjoy what I do. I still miss Emme all day long and call all the time to have Chris hold the phone up to her so I can hear her breathing and cooing. But when I stay busy, the time goes pretty fast. Then I race home and run through the door so I can pick up Emme and snuggle her. She gets a big smile on her face when I come home, and it's the best feeling ever. It's going to be a blessing for our family for me to work two days a week. I just hope I'm not scarring her for life.

Side note: I've been pumping while I'm at work, which has been going fine. I'm the only female on my floor, so I just go in the bathroom and stand at the sink while I do it (which Chris thinks is weird -- "what if someone walks in!?!"). The only problem is having to wash and dry the parts after I pump every time (which is 3 times a day). It's sucking my life away! I googled and found out that not everyone washes them every time. Some people buy extra pump part sets, and some people toss all the parts in a ziploc and throw it in the fridge at work between sessions (which would definitely gross out all the men in my office -- I'd have to disguise the bag). Anyone here have any experience or suggestions on what you did?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Emmeline's Blessing

We blessed Emmeline on Sunday. It was a lovely blessing and a special day for our family. We were so glad to have all the Spencer family and Pace family there to celebrate with us. Afterward we had all of them over to our house, which was exciting. We've never had that many people in our house at once before, and I thought for sure we'd be packed in like sardines but it actually worked out pretty well. I wish I'd gotten a picture with everyone, but the day was so crazy that we totally forgot! Luckily we remembered to snap one of the three of us.

You'll have to excuse the overload of Emme pictures. I think she's adorable so I couldn't choose just one.

I think Emme looks like a little angel who's about to fly away in this picture. So cute!

Later in the afternoon, Emme was getting tired so we finished up taking pictures of her in her cute little dress, and then took it off her to keep it clean. The second we did, she spit up, right as I was snapping this photo, ha ha!

Nora Jane wanted to hold Emme after we got her clothes changed (she's such a little mama!). I can tell they're going to be good friends someday.

Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating with us! We love you all!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Family Pitchas

Right after Christmas we had some family photos taken with the Pace side of the family. Heather Cook (my sister-in-law Brooke's sister) took the photos for us. It was so nice that she was able to come to my parents house to take them, since getting everyone ready with all the little kids was tricky. I think they turned out great!

Our first professional family photo. Aww. Emme's dreaming away.

All the grandkids. Tucker did such a good job holding Emme! What a sweet boy.

The whole family*. Look at Emme sawing logs with her mouth wide open, ha ha! What a cutie.

*Yes, my sweater does appear to be the wrong color in this picture. I was told we were wearing LAVENDER and brown for the photos (did they really mean DARK PURPLE?). Pretty sure I'm the only one wearing anything remotely close to lavender. Sigh.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Doesn't Emme look like she wants her belly rubbed in this picture? I don't know how she can sleep with one leg lifted off the ground like that!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hanging With Mom

My happy morning-girl. Doesn't get it from her mom OR her dad!

My shopping buddy.

My snuggle bug. This is how she wants to sleep -- on her mom's lap with her arms all stretched out and relaxed.

Hanging out on mom's bed like a big girl on her boppy!

Happy girl in the sling while we get dinner in the crockpot.