Friday, July 8, 2011

Emme at 19-ish Months

I meant to do an 18 month update for Emme since we have stats from her doctor's appointment, but somehow it slipped away. So we'll do a 19-ish month update...with 18 month stats. :)

{Sad girl! Holding still for the camera is hard work. I had to document her sad face because we don't see it all that often.}

{There's the real Emme!}

Height - 60%
Weight - 25% (yipee! 22+ lbs!)
Head - 95% (what else is new.)

The nurse was seriously excited when she weighed Emme and figured out her weight percentile. We finally surpassed the 20 lb mark, and with flying colors! All because of that feeding breakthrough. Hooray!

I've been really enjoying my time with Emme at home, especially since I'm not working. I've even been getting a little sentimental with a new little one on the way, because I want to savor every moment we have just the two of us. Emme is the sunshine in my day! I can't imagine life without her, and I don't know how we ended up with such a sweet, sweet girl.

Here are a few of my favorite things Emme does lately:

  • Emme is talking up a storm! As in, she never stops. Sometimes I feel like my ears are buzzing when she finally goes down for a nap. Lots of it is still gibberish but lots of it is surprisingly intelligible. (And apparently I never shut up as a child, so what goes around comes around.)
  • Emme can't say the word "hungry" but she can say the word "eat." So sometimes she'll walk up to me, tug on my pants and say: "Mama?" "Yes, Emme?" "Eat!" And she says it with gusto. That's her way of telling me she's hungry.
  • She can also request "toast," "snacks," "baba" (milk), "eggs" (she loves them scrambled), and "nummies" (anything tasty that mom has).
  • Every morning when I get Emme out of her crib, the first thing she asks me is "where dada go?" If Chris gets her up in the morning, it's "where mama go?" It's like she somehow knows that we're a package deal and she's supposed to have both of us. I love it. On Saturday and Sunday mornings she's in heaven.
  • Emme is really into animals right now. She can point out all of the farm animals (plus some) when you ask her. Their names are too hard so she calls them by their sounds. Neigh = horse. Moo = cow. Baa = sheep. You get the idea.
  • Emme is enamored with her uncle Stu (my 17 year old brother). The other day I asked her if she wanted to go to Grandma's house and she started to cry and said, "No, Stu house!" She didn't want to go to Grandma's, she wanted to go to Stu's. (They are the same place.)
  • Emme's latest thing is climbing up on top of something and then shouting to me, "Mama, look at me!"
  • Emme really misses Debbie, the lady in our ward who used to watch her while I work. She talks about her all the time, and "draws" pictures of her on the sidewalk with chalk. She gets really excited when we see her at ward parties and at church on Sunday. I think we need to go visit during the day sometime so she can see her friends again.
  • Emme is obsessed with bubbles. She asks to blow bubbles on our balcony every. single. day. I finally went to Toys R Us and bought a battery-operated bubble blower, because my morning-sick self can only blow so many bubbles before I'm pooped. It was worth every penny!
  • Emme has crazy dreams. One day I walked into her room and heard her sleep talking about Elmo. On another occasion when she woke up from her nap, she kept asking me "where my eyes go?" Poor girl was so confused. She must be having sympathy-pregnant-dreams for me. (It's the only time I dream.)
  • Emme calls herself "Mimi," and refers to herself in the third person. When we're getting ready to go somewhere she'll ask me "Where Mimi shoes?" It's pretty cute. Now we occasionally catch ourselves calling her Mimi. Maybe it will catch on?
  • Emme LOVES nursery. We've had to take her home kicking and screaming a few times when nursery was over and she didn't want to leave. (Did I mention they do bubbles there?) And I LOVE the drawings she makes for me in nursery. I feel like I've waited my whole life to fill a refrigerator with my children's drawings.
  • Emme is the friendliest person I know. She has no shame, she'll say a loud "hi" to anyone we come within 20 feet of at the store. And they can't help but smile and say hi back.
  • Emme was never a really cuddly baby, but she's turned out to be a super cuddly toddler. She gives the sweetest hugs and kisses.
  • Emme has such a sunny, sweet disposition. We rarely have tantrums. I can get down on her level, talk to her gently while looking in the eyes and then say, "okay?" She'll reply back to me really sweetly, "kay." Sometimes it's amazing how much she understands.
  • Emme is a champion thanker. "Tay tou" is her favorite word these days, and I don't even have to prompt her. If you hand her something she'll look up and smile and say "Tay tou, Mama." It's so cute, and it catches people off guard.
  • Emme is obsessed with the potty and bodily functions these days. I don't want to jinx myself, but I'm 99% sure we'll have this girl potty trained before baby #2 gets here. Hallelujah.

We love you, Emme girl! Thank you for being in our family!


Emily Heizer Photography said...

Emme, I think is a Emmeline, right? I'm a Emily, but my nieces and nephew couldn't say all those syllables, so the girls tried "Auntie Emie" for awhile, but when my nephew Justin came around, that turned into "Em" and then "Aunty Em." I've been Aunty Em for a long, long time. When I was 17, my niece Jasmine was born, and she had been the rebel of the bunch. And right from the start, she called me Mimi! She always called me Mimi. It was the most adorable thing ever. Then, it started to catch on and the other kids started to call me Mimi too. Well, that pissed Jasmine off. For a 5 year old, pitching a hissy fit, it was nasty. I was HER Mimi. No one else was allowed to use that name. (Which of course only made them use it more.) So, in another total act of defiance, she started calling me Aunty Em.

And then I lost my Mimi nickname.

Sigh. lol

Emily said...

Congrats on being pregnant! With the new one I haven't had much time to look at people's blogs so I've been trying to catch up.

Rose Nair said...

she is sooooo cute!!!! :) God bless!!! <3

Darin and Liesel said...

So cute!! I love it! Emme is so cute and sweet! Good luck with your pregnancy! I am super excited for you.

Martine said...
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Martine said...

What a pretty little girl you have! :) Wish you all the best with number two!
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Michaela said...

She is sooo cute! Congratulations on #2! :)

(Got here through "next blog." Will you check out mine?)