Friday, January 11, 2013


 Emme recently started Primary! On her first day she got up and gave the talk. I had planned to get up there with her and hold pictures & whisper in her ear, but earlier that morning Chris started making words up and Emme started repeating them....and she ended up memorizing her whole talk. She got up there at the pulpit all by herself while Chris and I sat and watched, and spouted off her whole talk without batting an eye. She didn't miss a single word. This girl's brain is a lockbox!

Practicing her talk at the kitchen counter.

While Emme spends her days memorizing things and pondering the mysteries of the universe, Henry spends his day crawling through any small spot in the house he can find...

Trying to touch and/or push anything that lights up...

And unloading any drawers he can find, as fast as he possibly can.

Good thing he's sweet!

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