Wednesday, March 26, 2014

March Randoms

Before Stanley was born, Emme and Henry spent a weekend at Brent & Melissa's to give us time to finish last minute preparations for the baby. They had a big sleepover in their family room and loved it! Our family is the best, they are so good to us.
I took the kids to Nordstrom to let them pick out a stuffed animal for the baby to have his monthly pictures taken with in the chair. Emme found a beautiful headband she wanted to try on, and of course Henry had to try one too.
 These two hold hands everywhere they go. It's the sweetest thing.
 When birthdays are celebrated at daycare, it's usually with cupcakes, which the kiddos love.
 Especially when the frosting is so bright blue it turns your poop blue the next day. :o
We went to the grand opening of the new aquarium on members day. It was a little disappointing because so many tanks were still empty! But we had a great time looking at the penguins and sea otters.
Emme doesn't nap anymore, but every once in a while she crashes hard if she's played hard that day. I love it when she'll snuggle with me on my bed and fall asleep.

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