Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day Boating

Daniel & Julie invited us to go boating with them on the 24th of July this year, and it was so much fun. They even had a tiny little lifejacket for Stanley boy and he did great in it.

He took a nap in it, and loved the wind in his hair. The only tricky part was that I couldn't quite nurse him with it on, ha ha. So we had to stop once and let the kids jump in & swim while I took him out & nursed him.
The kiddos had a great time on the tube.
 Emme even surfed with Uncle Stu.

On the way to the dock Henry crashed in Chris's arms...and slept all the way through til the next morning, ha ha! We wore him out bigtime! Thanks for such a fun day, Daniel & Julie.

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