Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The price of 2 Utah BCS bowl tickets?

For Chris and I, it's $14.68.

Last week the University of Utah held a food drive competition with BYU, like they do every year the week of the big game. The MUSS, in an effort to increase donations, held a student competition. The student to donate the heaviest poundage of non-perishable boxed or canned food items purchased on a $15 budget (before tax) would win two tickets to Utah's bowl game.

If you've read any of the below posts, you know I'm sorta good at this kind of thing. When Chris found out about this competition, he called me pretty excited. And if you know Chris, you know he doesn't usually get excited about things.

So with three day's notice, this is what we came up with, using as many internet-printed and sunday-paper-clipped coupons as we could rummage up:65 Canned tomatoes
42 Baking Soda
24 Progresso Soup
21 Del Monte Veggies
16 Cake Mix
6 Baking Powder
4 Corn Starch
1 Canned Bean
1 Canned Fruit
= 180 items weighing in at 172 pounds

Total cost out of pocket: $14.68

Apparently we were the heaviest donation by far - no one even came close to us. Bowl-game, here we come! Who says it doesn't pay to shop with coupons?

Conversation preceding the below picture...
Me: "Chris, sit in front of the food and smile so I can take a picture."
Chris: Lays down on the ground underneath the food and makes an "it's falling on me" face. "Take my picture like this, first!"
Me: "Why? Can't you just smile like a normal person?"
Chris: "No, this way is much cooler! It'll look like the food's going to fall on me!"

....Seriously? Do all guys do this or am I the only one married to a two year old!


Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

That is way cool. Congrats! And yes, most guys are like that. Jer

Jen and Jared said...

That's awesome! I am jealous. How cool that you could use your talent to win tickets. And, yes, most guys are like that. My hubby does the same thing...!

Emily said...

Congratulations!! That is awesome!! You are so good. Where did you get the baking soda now that I have the coupons I printed off for you?

Chris said...

Most guys are not like that. I would have tried to stack them all end to end, to see how tall I could get them.

Brent and Melissa Pace said...

you are seriously amazing! congrats!!!