Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My trunk this morning

This is what my trunk looked like this morning:

In case you haven't heard, there's a great deal on Pampers this week at Albertsons/Jewel! I paid less than $0.06 per diaper this morning! Details here.

*What's that you ask? I don't have any children so why I am stocking up on diapers?

Long answer: That's a good question -- one that my husband has also asked me in the past. I may be barren now but I DO plan on having children in the future...and the price of diapers just keeps going up! I currently have ~47 jumbo packs of diapers in rubbermaid tubs in my basement, just waiting for cute little bare bums. It's my goal to not have to buy a single retail-price pack of diapers for my first born. I showed Chris last week that the "sale" price at Target made big boxes of Pampers $0.26/diaper. When I show him I can get them for $0.06/diaper or less, he gives me the go-ahead to stock up.

Short answer: I have a sickness.


rach said...

All I can say is I want some of your sickness!!!! Not a bad one for sure!!! Thanks fir the fun night!!!

Nikki said...

Hahaha. LOL! It's not a sickness, it's smartness! Luckily I have only purchased two packs of diapers for Coen so far because we were given so many.

Val said...

WOOOOOOAH. That's amazing.
I wish we had the space to take advantage of sales. We're trying to figure out where we could put a months' food storage =(

Seriously Anna, you are amazing.