Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Butlerville Days

Chris and Emme and I went to Butlerville Days for the first time this year. Little-Miss-Busy-Body had a GREAT time riding in the stroller and jabbering and smiling to all the people we passed. Michelle, Amy and Stu were working the Snowie snow cone stands with their friend Chantelle, so we visited them and let Emme have another taste of snow cone, which she loved.

We hung out and walked around until it was firework time, which was about 10 PM....way past this girl's bedtime. She did pretty good for the first few minutes of the fireworks show and then lost it, at which point we had to snatch up our stuff and make a run for it so we wouldn't disturb the other people there. Still, we had a fun time and we'll definitely go back next year!

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