Thursday, July 8, 2010

Emme At 7 Months

So I'm a little slow getting this posted, but I really did take her pictures on her 7 month birthday!

This girl is getting bigger and more lively every day! She weighs about 15 1/2 pounds these days, so she's still a peanut who hasn't even doubled her birth weight yet. She's got some tiny feet (unlike her mom) so she is just barely fitting into size 1 shoes. We also just recently upgraded to size 2 diapers. Finally!

Emme's Favorite Things:
  • Spitting when I feed her babyfood (because everyone laughs and it's oh-so-funny!)
  • Swimming & splashing in the water
  • Getting up on her hands & knees and rocking like she wants to crawl
  • Grabbing your face with both hands and giving big, open-mouthed, wet kisses
  • Babbling all day long (she's mastered the N, M, B and D consonants)
  • Wearing her sunglasses
  • Playing with and watching other children
  • Making squish-face smiles
  • Playing with trucks & cars (Chris loves this)
  • Mom

Emme's Not So Favorite Things:
  • When mom sets her down or walks out of the room (please tell me this is just a phase!)
  • Cutting teeth (we've got one, finally!)
  • Holding still during diaper changes
  • Table food. Yuck! Gimme babyfood any day.

In other news, it only took Emme 7 months of picture-taking to realize she was sitting next to the bunny. Nom, nom, nom.


The Martin Family said...

I LOVE to look at the "Emme Blog" to see what Owen will be up to next. What a doll!

pace87 said...

do you realize how long its been since you last blogged?!? its a world record....