Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Emme's Favorite Things

1. Watching TV -- she's a bonafide couch potato if there's a cartoon on. (A definite bonding agent for dad and Emme on Saturday mornings!)

{She's got the stance down, and everything.}

2. Pushing Things -- the latest trick is taking off our socks and putting them in this car of the animal train.

Then we push them all around the house, as fast as we can go! (It's results in quite a few bruises when the car gives out and we crash.) We also push anything and everything else that is pushable, including boxes, toys, our high chair, kitchen stools, garbage cans, etc.

3. Touching Things -- We love to touch mom's favorite painting on the fireplace. It has a baby on it, and we love to point at babies. We also love to open cupboards, which has resulted in some babyproofing latches.

4. The CO2 Monitor -- for some reason this darned CO2 monitor is oh-so-intriguing. We can't walk down the hall without stopping to pull it out of its plug and throw it on the ground, and then keep walking.

{Oh, and we won't let mom zip us back up after the morning diaper change because for some reason we prefer the Superman-cape-look. Go figure.}

5. Walking -- did I mention Emme is walking? I need to plug in the video camera and upload some proof. Stay tuned. :)

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