Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter with Grandma Spencer

On Sunday night we had dinner with the Spencers, celebrated three birthdays from the month of April, and then had an easter egg hunt for the kiddos. By this time, Emme was totally into it. She was all over the place picking up her eggs and tossing them (literally) in her basket.

When all the eggs had been found, Emme kept signing "more, more!" So we had to take eggs from her basket, re-hide them, and let her find them again. She just couldn't get enough.

{More eggs, please!}

The best part of Emme's haul? (Although I must admit, I ate most of her starburst jellybeans this morning...) She got Tangled on blu ray. Yay! Mom's going to love this one as much as Emme.

Thanks grandma, Spencer, for such a fun easter!

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