Friday, April 22, 2011

Handy Chris

The Sunday before we left on our cruise (more details on that, soon!), I was baking some brownies for our family dinner that night when our oven door broke. I had the oven door open a few inches to check the brownies with a toothpick. The door was sitting right at that spot where it will rest on its own halfway open.

Then all of a sudden -- snap! Suddenly the door slammed all the way open, and I jumped back in shock. I had this sinking feeling in my stomach and dollar signs in my head, thinking we were going to have to call a repair man to come fix the oven. (And thinking of all the money we just spent to go on this cruise, and how awful the timing was!) After the brownies were done, Chris came over to investigate. He realized one of the springs in the door hinge mechanism had popped off or broken. (How the heck did he know that just from looking?)

So while I'm busy scurrying around feeding Emme, packing the diaper bag and getting ready to head out the door to our family party, Chris is over there at the oven taking the door off. He laid it on a cloth on the kitchen table and in a matter of one hour, had that thing fixed and back on the oven -- good as new.

What the crap -- who does that? I was amazed. I thought for sure it was broken beyond our ability to repair it. Chris is just so handy! I grew up in a household where if something broke, you called a repair man. But Chris can fix anything. He's so good with tools and so mechanically minded. I love it! Thanks Chris, for being so wonderful. Love you!


rach said...

That's probally why b man loves Chris .....he loves that show or he did when we had a tv ! Way to go Chris I would have to agree he has helped save the day many a times at the Hansen household! Way to go Chris!!!

George and Ashley said...

Good to know ;)
It's nice having a handy man around... George is pretty handy too!

Darin and Liesel said...

Haha!! That is SOO funny because I totally grew up where you just call a repair man, and Darin is a Mr. Fix It too...isnt it great? Way to go Chris!