Monday, February 6, 2012

Henry At 2 Weeks

We took Henry to the doctor this week for his 2-week checkup. I made it there all by myself with two children and time to spare! *pats self on back* The nurse & doctor both got really excited when we weighed him -- he'd put on 12 ounces in the last 12 days, and the expected weight gain is half an ounce per day, or 6 ounces. So ladies and gentlemen -- we may actually have produced a child who likes to eat! Hooray!

Weight - 8 lbs 4 oz (50%)
Height - 21 inches (60%)
Head - 14.5 inches (50%)

As a side note, Emme's head was 60th percentile at birth & her 2-week checkup, so this boy may still prove to have a large noggin like his sister. We'll see!

2 Week Ramblings:
  • This little man acts so ravenously hungry when I go to feed him, it's hilarious! He actually snorts and roots around before he settles enough to latch. Chris jokes that we gave birth to a little piggy.
  • Both Emme and I came down with colds shortly after leaving the hospital. I'm doing better but Emme is still holding onto that darn cough that lingers. Needless to say, we've been washing hands & sanitizing hands like mad. My hands are so dry they've started to crack and bleed! Darn Utah winters.
  • I'm a Belly Bandit believer! I remember with Emme not being prepared for what my body (& more specifically, my stomach) would look like after giving birth. I felt like I looked 6 or 7 months pregnant for about 3 weeks after her. So this time around I had a Belly Bandit that I wore faithfully night & day for about 6 days afterwards. (They recommend wearing it for 6 weeks afterwards, but frankly it's not very comfortable, and it needs to be against your skin for it to stay put so once you get your regular undergarments back on, it's not so effective.) The result? Although there's still no muscle tone in my stomach, at 7 days postpartum I felt like my tummy looked about 12 or 16 weeks pregnant. Not bad! I'll definitely use this again next time around.
  • I took Emme to the library one night last week after dinner while Chris stayed home with Henry. We just needed to get out of the house! She loves the library because it has books and other kids -- her two favorite things. As I sat on the ground in the kids section perusing a section of books, I overheard Emme's interaction with some other kids in the "castle" they have there. The first words out of her mouth were, "I have a new baby brother at home!" It prettymuch melted my heart. She's as in love with this boy as we are.
  • I have to say, Chris is a super-dad and a super-husband. He's been so helpful to jump in at dinner time or whenever I need him to help, usually with Emme. Last Saturday morning, after a long night with the baby, Chris woke up with Emme and took her out in to the family room to play until I woke up. When the baby woke up, he came and got him as well. I slept until almost 10am!!! I can't remember the last time that happened -- it was certainly before Emme was born. Thank goodness for families. I can't imagine doing this by myself. Love you, Chris!
  • Because this boy is such a content little man, I was able to go to 2 hours of church with Emme this week! I fed Henry and then Emme and I hit sacrament meeting and the first hour of Primary before I came home and switched with Chris. It was so nice to get out.
  • Chris and I have been so overwhelmed by the love from our friends, family & ward. We have had so many wonderful meals brought to us, and SO many people have called to come get Emme for playdates. It makes me feel so indebted! We can't wait to find ways to return all the favors. We love our neighbors!

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