Sunday, March 11, 2012


We've been using Huggies diapers on Henry since birth. They are what the hospital used, and that's what I happened to have in small sizes stashed in my diaper closet in the basement.

A few weeks after he was born, Henry started getting horrendous diaper rash. He goes #2 about every hour in small quantities (as opposed to Emme who went 2 or 3 times a day in HUGE quantities that always blew out). As a result, his poor little bum was getting burned from having "mess" on it so often, and from being wiped so often.

When diaper creams didn't seem to clear it up fast enough, we resorted to filling the sink with warm water and dunking his bum in it to wash it off, rather than using wipes. He seemed to quite enjoy it, and he would just hang out and lounge their while you did your thing. It was pretty cute.

Last week I opened a pack of Pampers and took them with us to St. George on a little trip. To my surprise, we discovered that the Huggies have been aggravating Henry's poor little bum! He didn't have diaper rash once while we were in St. George -- I didn't even have to use butt paste on him.

So we've come to the conclusion that Henry has inherited Chris's sensitive skin and is allergic to Huggies! I'm going to have to sell my huge closet full of Huggies to replace them with Pampers. So if anyone is interested in some Huggies at a steep discount, let me know!


Emily Heizer Photography said...

That sucks so much! I'm sorry, but I'm glad little Henry's bottom is getting better now!

Dasha said...

Little Henry is so cute! Reading your descriptions of what a sweet baby he is might just give me unrealistic expectations for our little boy. I'd be interested in buying your diapers if you still need to sell them. Please email me at dasha(dot)cassity(at)gmail if you still need a buyer!