Thursday, November 22, 2012

Henry At 10 Months


 A few notes about Henry:
  • I gave Henry his first serious haircut (that wasn't just a trim) this month. I put him in the dry bathtub and I climbed in behind him while Emme fed him puffs from outside the tub. It contained the hair and kept him looking away from me while I cut. Genius! And I decided that aside from his crazy cowlick in back, he has pretty great hair!
  • Henry remains stubborn as ever with sign language. I sign "more" and "all done" to him over and over at every meal but he refuses to sign back to me. I know he understands what "more" means because when I sign it to him he immediately looks to the counter where his next helping of food waits for me to set on his try. Little stinker!
  • Henry has been transitioning from two naps to one. Already! It keeps me on my toes and throws my day off on occasion, but it'll be nice when he's got his new routine down. We can be so much more mobile with only one nap per day!
  • Henry's favorite foods these days are grapes, bananas, yogurt and clementines.
  • Henry will down Emme's sippy cup if he happens to get his hands on it, but he'll hardly drink from one if I give it to him. Go figure!
  • Henry's gotten a little bashful of strangers. Every once in a while when I'm holding him someone at church will come up to me and smile and bend down and talk to him. He'll lay his head on my shoulder and then turn and bury his face in my neck to hide. Shy little thing!
  • Henry gives the best cuddles after his naps. He'll lay his head on your shoulder and just let you rock him in his chair. I soak it all in every chance I get because I know it won't last forever.

Love you, little man! Happy ten months!

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