Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Double Cart

Lately, Emme has been having a teensy jealousy issue with how we situate ourselves in the cart at the store.  Bubba usually gets the "top" seat -- either sitting in it with the strap or his carseat straddled on the top. So Emme always has to sit in the "bottom" part of the cart or walk.

Sometimes she gets sad and says she wants to sit in the top part. So today we went to Sam's Club and I told her about their awesome carts where she can sit NEXT to Bubba!  She was so excited about it, and she instantly fell in love. It was the perfect seating arrangement for her to dictate Bubba's every move, as usual. :)

We heart the double cart.

They were so good in the cart that afterwards we had some "yunch" at the food court. Can't beat $1.99 for two slices of pizza! Mmm-mmm.

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