Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we spent the evening at the Flanagan's house with all the Spencers. In addition to great food and good company, we were privileged to watch the Flanagan kids put on the full theatrical version of A Christmas Carol for us in the basement. It was seriously the highlight of my whole Christmas season this year!

Emme, Preston and Braden all wanted to be in it too, of course, so during intermission and at the end we let them stand on chairs and sing us a song. They felt so special.

Emme couldn't take her eyes off the show. She was enthralled.

Wade played Scrooge, and I kid you not, he had every line of the whole darn thing memorized, complete with British accent. 

Even Hannah and Logan had all their theatrically-correct lines memorized. I have no idea how long it took them to practice this but it was amazing. I think the show lasted over an hour!

I hope there will be an encore next Christmas again! I can't wait!

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