Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Morning

This was technically our first Christmas morning in our new house (we moved in at the end of December last year), and it was so much fun! We actually slept in, which was really nice after our busy Christmas Eve festivities. Then we opened our presents, and played Rockband 2 for a little while before heading off to our families' houses.

The presents under the tree. Thanks again, Santa Lynne!

Apparently Chris has issues when we take photos of ourselves by holding the camera out in front. He thinks that his head always looks big, so in this photo he's trying to hold his head as far back as possible. See how we're almost tipping over? See my hand in the background trying to shove his head forward? Yeah.

Rockband 2 with a microphone! (Chris's favorite part is the singing...guitars will follow later.)

We had a very merry Christmas and especially enjoyed spending lots of time with our families and getting time off work!

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