Thursday, December 11, 2008

Michelley's Big Game

This post is an ode to my little (big) sister, Michelley. She plays basketball for Westminster and had a game this week versus the University of Utah women's team up at the Huntsman Center. We all went to dinner at Rumbi's before the game.

Stub and Annalisa.

Grandpa, dad, Amy, mom.

Then we headed up to the Hunstman Center to get good seats and watch the game.

Amy and Annalisa.

Michelley's cheering section.

The whole time we were watching the game I was just so in awe that we were actually sitting in the Huntsman Center watching Michelle play. How cool is that? I remember when Michelle was a shy little 4 year old with big blue eyes, and now she's like this amazing grown up who's going on to do great things!

The jumbo-tron.

The pre-game huddle.

Trying to bribe the ref before the tip-off?

Michelley #25.

Some of the action.

Here are a few more pictures of the action. Michelley talking to the coach, sitting on the bench ready to start, running through the tunnel, and huddling at center court before tipoff.

And here was our halftime entertainment - some awesome people-watching. I give you -- the lady with BIG hair, and the man with an awful taupee/mullet.

(sorry they're blurry - they were halfway across the arena)

We thought Michelley played great and we had so much fun coming to watch her. I can't get over how grown up she is. You are amazing, Michelley!

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Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

Michelle is awesome. I bet she kicked butt. And that Toupee is kickin. I think it even beats Bo-Bo's. Jer