Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

This is for Nikki, to show her that I still read her blog. :)

1. I can eat an entire box of twinkies in a single day.

2. I have clicky knees (thanks, mom!). Whenever I bend down they'll click and people always ask me if I'm okay. They don't hurt, they're just noisy!

3. My car is my most favorite possession. Does that make me a bad person? It's like the one thing I own that I feel like it's pure luxury. I just love driving it.

4. I have zero female coworkers. And I don't mind it.

5. Chris and I have the exact same size wrist. Is he thin-boned or am I a saskwatch? I'll let you decide. My ankles are also bigger (thicker) than his.

6. I refuse to wear any shoe that has an ankle strap (see #5). I've never found one that can actually buckle.

7. During my first year of engineering in college (which was really hard, by the way), my grandpa told me "girls aren't good at math." That was the fuel I needed to determine to finish.

8. I'm stubborn (see #7).

9. I can't go to sleep at night unless I make the bed before I get in it. The corners of the sheet, blanket and comforter all have to line up or I can't sleep well.

10. I can't stand having my house messy (dishes in the sink, mail lying around, couch pillows/slipcovers strewn around), but my office at work is literally a disaster area. I'd post a picture but it's too embarrassing.

11. I spoke at my college graduation. And I got to walk with my soon-to-be hubby!

12. I can flex my bony shoulder blades so it looks like I have "wings." It's a little bit gross-looking.

13. My dad's nickname for me is Toots. (Like as in, "hey, toots!" and not the bodily function, thank heavens.)

14. I once got semi-proposed to by a man from Spain who thought he looked like Antonio Banderas.

15. I like to cook. I can follow prettymuch any recipe, but ROLLS are my nemesis. And breads.

16. My first day of college I tried to take the bus home and ended up in Bountiful.

17. I want to go to Italy and China before I die.

18. I hate my eyebrows. (Surprisingly, more than I hate my ankles and wrists. )

19. My husband is allergic to ANYTHING scented. Not even laundry smells good at my house. My soap, lotion, hairspray, deodorant, and candles all smell like nothing. :(

20. When I was little, my dream job was to be an NBA photographer.

21. Music is my therapy. I have to have it when I clean, exercise, drive, and shower/get ready in the morning.

22. I have a weird fetish with stalking blogs about triplets and quadruplets. I've always had this feeling that I would have a set of "multiples" one day, because it runs in my family and Chris's. This sort of talk freaks Chris out.

23. I used to be really bad with money.

24. I sleep in my makeup prettymuch every night.

25. For being sort of a smartish person, I say a lot of stupid crap.

I tag Kelli!


Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

Why did you tag me!

Nikki said...

That was funny and very interesting. Thanks for doing it ;)