Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was so excited on Sunday when I found out our stake was going to have women's basketball on Tuesday nights! I went last night with Nat and we had about 12 ladies show up! We played for about about an hour and had so much fun. I was surprised at how good the other ladies were. It was definitely a good workout and I was pooped by the end! I thought for sure I'd have sore leg muscles today, but the only thing sore this morning is this:

Somebody caught me in the eye with their fingernail while I was driving to the basket. It bled for a little while last night, but didn't look bruised at all until I woke up this morning. When Chris woke up this morning he turned on the light, took one look at me, and started laughing out loud. Thanks, honey!

(And no, I'm not wearing any eyeshadow.)


Julie said...

ha ha ha ha ha

Chris and Annalisa said...

Hey now! No pain no gain, right? It was worth it. And I'm going back next week. So there. :)

Cami and Andy said...

tsSorry, for being a stalker..but I have started your rite aid/coupon thing. Where are you getting the coupons for the meters? I have been saving A LOT of money but you make money! I love it, thanks for all the tips already! Camille

(I'm dying that I can't go to the coupon class!!!)

Kelli and Jeremy Whitney said...

I liked the laughing part! Chris is so funny. Sorry you got hit though. Jer