Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bathroom Update

Here's an update on what our hall bath currently looks like:

Somehow, I expected more sheetrock to remain on the walls during the "remodel." Hmmm.

Over the last few days we've been frantically choosing tubs and tile and faucets, so the plumbers and tilemasons can stay on schedule with their work. While searching for a combination tub/shower faucet, I spent some time reading on Delta's/Kohler's/Moen's/etc's websites about all their fancy fandangled features. Since this will be the bathroom that we will bathe our child(ren) in someday, we decided one of those showerhead sprayers would be a good idea. So we can sorta hose 'em down if need be.

(Like this, only in the bathtub.)

I showed Chris what I had found in my website research, and showed him a few features I thought he would like (like the water-saving features, because Chris is such a tree-hugger -- I mean conservationist...). Long story short, Chris ended up choosing a faucet that was a little more expensive but has a temperature-saving feature so that if someone flushes a toilet nearby, our child in the bathtub won't get scalded.

Isn't that thoughtful? He's already thinking like a protective daddy.

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Kelli Whitney said...

Freakin dope! Instead of a shower, i'm just going to spray my kids down like the picture you posted. That's way more fun. That makes me think of Billy Madison. "Who are you mister", and the old dude is spraying the helpless little elementary school student. Jer