Monday, April 20, 2009

Brandi Carlile Concert

Michelle and I went to the Brandi Carlile concert last Saturday at The Stateroom. It's a small, 300-person venue downtown so it was super small and intimate. We were like 2 feet from the stage! It was so insane!

The opener was Angel Taylor. I hadn't heard of her before, but she was awesome, and apparently one of her songs was #1 on iTunes 2 weeks ago. She handed out samplers after she opened, and I'm really liking her music.

Then Brandi came on and the crowd went crazy! It was awesome. The stage was setup with rugs and candles and lamps and things -- really homey. There was a film crew of hers there, filming the show for who knows what (a DVD or something?). So maybe Michelley and I will be famous!

After the show we got autographs and pictures with her. She even wrote a little note to Amy, who wasn't able to come since she was at Junior Prom (more on that later). Brandi Carlile was so amazingly talented and nice. When we left we almost couldn't believe what we had seen. It was like a once in a lifetime show! Wow.

Michelley and I with our "WE'RE ABOUT TO SEE BRANDI CARLILE!" faces.

Brandi's guitar.

Brandi singing the first song.

See all her guitar picks? She threw out a MILLION of them. Sadly, we caught none.

At one point her band unplugged completely and she came to the edge of the stage and sang a totally unplugged song from her new album. It was amazing! Can't do that in a big venue, that's for sure.

We liked her boots.

We were so close! She was right in front of us!!!

As an encore she sang a few songs just with her and the guitar. One of them called "That Year" was amazing - I hope it's on the next album. You should youtube-it if you're a fan.

Michelley and I laughing and talking with Brandi while getting autographs. She signed a poster for our little sister Amy that said "Amy, we missed you! Love Brandi." Amy almost cried when we gave it to her. Literally. Needless to say, we are the best big sisters ever.

Pics with Brandi.

Michelley and I with our "OH MY GOSH, WE JUST SAW BRANDI CARLILE!" faces.

Here's a video clip I took on my camera of her most famous song -- The Story.

Here's a video clip we took with our real video camera. It's the first song she sang.

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Melissa Henning said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Thanks for posting those clips :).

I don't think I have ever heard of brandi carlile before (I listen to mainly praise + worship), so it was a treat to hear/see her. Back in the day before I got fat, married and had a kid, I was a "musician" and played solo acoustic, so that's my kind of music :). My son was cheering along with the crowd when they started hooting and hollering lol. Thanks again :)