Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our New Nephew

After much worrying and prayer, Chris's sister and her husband got a baby last week! The birth mother was flown here to give birth, so Stacey and Erik were able to be there for the whole process. Then after all the paperwork was finished, they were able to take the baby home last Wednesday!

We went to visit last week and meet our new nephew, Braden. Preston, his big brother, was still getting used to the idea of a new baby. He's had a little trouble learning to be "soft," but I think he'll get the hang of it soon.

Chris holding Braden.

The cutie pie.

Preston trying to help Chris with the baby.

Stacey and Preston.

Preston's funny face to make Braden laugh.

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Nurse Heidi said...

That's wonderful news! I wasn't aware that they were working on another adoption. Big congrats to Stacey and Eric, and big congrats to you and Chris on your little tadpole :).