Sunday, December 13, 2009

Emme At 3 Weeks

Emme wasn't too happy when I woke her up to take her 3 week picture. But she's getting so big, and she's changing so much that I had to do it. Plus she's wearing her cute headband from her friends Tate and Grace!

I've been feeling really claustrophobic at home these days. But with Christmas coming up, I feel like I have a lot of things to do to be ready still. I had an errand I had to run this week, so I got the diaper bag and everything all packed, and then as soon as Emme was done eating, I put her in the carseat and we were out the door. She was a champ! She doesn't love getting in and out of her carseat, but once she's in it, she loves riding in the car and riding in her stroller. We ran our errand successfully, and Emme slept the entire time. So now I have a little bit of confidence that I won't be home-stricken forever. I just need the snow and sicknesses to go away so I can take this little chica out more. :)


Seth and Sarah said...

She's so sweet! Love the head band...I'm glad she and you like it too! :)

Sadie said...

She is so cute Annalisa! I can't believe how much babies change in just a short amount of time...I want to come down and see you guys again so bad, but I'm going to have to wait until the little man is %100 done with hopefully soon- Hope things are going good!!

cydandcody said...

I never wake my sleeping children!:) You are so dedicated to your blog. I am glad you are. It is fun to see your cute family happenings. She is adorable. Thanks for the card, my boys love your precious picture of Emme on our fridge.