Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Emme At 4 Weeks

Emme in her adorable Christmas outfit, with her adorable 'poof' hair. She's like a big present! With a big adorable bow! Once we got her in this outfit we realized we don't have a red hair bow. Shocking, I know, considering how many stinkin' bows this girl has!

The week Emme was due, my mom took me shopping like every day, to get my mind off of that fact that I was still pregnant and overdue. We found this little Christmas present outfit and this adorable giant stocking that week. She looks so tiny in the stocking!


rach said...

Stop it right now that is so stinkin cute!!! Oh I just love her thank u for letting me squeeze on her!!!!! Oh she is so cute!!!!

A-ME said...

whoa those eyes of hers are like piercing! she could look into my soul!