Thursday, February 25, 2010

Emme At 3 Months

We took Emme for some 3 month photos this week. She was a bundle of smiles that morning, and she even had the photographer wrapped around her little finger. Plus, she waited until the very end of the photo shoot to blow out her diaper, so mama was happy! :)

I can't believe the changes this girl has been making lately! Emme now rolls over consistently from tummy to back, and she can grab for items in front of her. We busted out all of her rattle toys and she loves shaking and playing with them. She's started bringing them to her mouth to suck on, just like her fists. She loves to stand on your lap like a big girl, and look all around. Her legs are so strong! She's such a busy-body that I have to cover her with a blankie when I nurse her sometimes, because there's just too many other exciting things going on around her to be able to focus on eating. When we go shopping she LOVES being out and about, and seeing what's going on around her. She also loves being in the front carrier, even if it's just walking to the neighbors house, and even if it's cold and dark outside. She just can't get enough of that cold air on her face! She could be fussy inside as we're getting ready but the second we walk out the door she is all ears.

Perhaps the best news as of late is that we're in size 1 diapers, finally! Her legs are still too skinny for the legholes, but they're great otherwise. We keep telling Emme to put on some chunk but she just keeps getting longer and longer. She's actually starting to outgrow some of her 3-6 month clothes through the torso, but she can still wear newborn sizes around her waist.

She's also all smiles these days. She'll beam at anyone who smiles at her, and her whole body smiles with her. It's so cute! She'll flirt with total strangers while we're at the store, and they just love her. She's napping really well in her crib these days, and sleeping 8-9 hours a night! We just can't get enough of this girl. We put her in her bumbo with us on the table when we eat meals at home, and it just feels like a new little family -- it's so fun.


The Martin Family said...

Lucky you to have such a good girl at a photo shoot! She is a doll. There is NOTHING better than being a mom! I am telling ya, it just gets better and better!

Seth and Sarah said...

She is growing up so fast! Love her smiles!

Brent and Melissa Pace said...

she is really so so cute! i can't believe how big she has gotten. we miss her and you guys!

Sadie said...

The pictures turned out adorable! She is such a little cutie :-)

Nikki said...

She is so dang cute! I'm glad she's such a good baby for you.