Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Emmeline's Blessing

We blessed Emmeline on Sunday. It was a lovely blessing and a special day for our family. We were so glad to have all the Spencer family and Pace family there to celebrate with us. Afterward we had all of them over to our house, which was exciting. We've never had that many people in our house at once before, and I thought for sure we'd be packed in like sardines but it actually worked out pretty well. I wish I'd gotten a picture with everyone, but the day was so crazy that we totally forgot! Luckily we remembered to snap one of the three of us.

You'll have to excuse the overload of Emme pictures. I think she's adorable so I couldn't choose just one.

I think Emme looks like a little angel who's about to fly away in this picture. So cute!

Later in the afternoon, Emme was getting tired so we finished up taking pictures of her in her cute little dress, and then took it off her to keep it clean. The second we did, she spit up, right as I was snapping this photo, ha ha!

Nora Jane wanted to hold Emme after we got her clothes changed (she's such a little mama!). I can tell they're going to be good friends someday.

Thank you everyone for coming and celebrating with us! We love you all!


Val said...

Annalisa-girl, you are sooo skinny! (Thought the same things when I saw the formal Pace family pictures.) Woah.
Emme is beautiful. What a special day.

Seth and Sarah said...

She looked beautiful!