Thursday, February 18, 2010

Who Does She Look Like?

I finally got around to ordering Emme's baby pictures from the hospital the other day. At first I didn't think I was going to order any, because I always think babies look a little squished in pictures that young, and I thought we might get better ones on our own. But then when I look back at them and see how much she's changed, I realized I really wanted them so we could remember her cute little squished stage.

Soooo..... $50 bucks (and one scolding from my husband) later, we have Emme's adorable hospital photos! (FYI, never order over the phone. Those newborn-photo salesman are the devil in sheep's clothing.)

{I want to munch on those cheeks. Nom, nom, nom.}

Now we can finally play the Who-Does-She-Look-Like game!

Who-Does-She-Look-Like Game Offical Rules:
1. The answer is Chris.
2. No making fun of Annalisa's baby picture in which she looks as if she's been beaten with the ugly stick.

I think Emme has Chris's hair, Chris's nose, Chris's coloring (you can't tell from my baby picture, but I was and am pale as ghost) Chris's eyebrows and Chris's fingers. So far we think Emme might have a little bit of my eyes, and definitely my long torso. As for whether or not she has my cankles? The jury is still out.

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