Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Tricks

Emme's got all sorts of new tricks lately! In the last little while she's started grabbing onto things. I can hold a rattle out in front of her and she'll focus her eyes on it and bring her hands in to grab it. And then it usually goes straight for the mouth, lol. It's amazing how quickly babies change and learn! When we set her under her play gym, she'll actually play with the toys now, instead of just staring at them while we shake them.

The other day I had her in her bouncer while I was getting ready. I clipped her binky to the toy bar with the other toys, because she likes to grab at it since she recognizes it. A few minutes later I turned around and she had grabbed the binky, put it in her mouth, and was playing with the other toys! I'm convinced she's a genius. :)

{"What, mom? All the kids are doing it these days."}

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