Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ruffles & Stuff

Rach and I have been feeling crafty lately. We've been eyeing these pettiskirts and finally decided to bite the bullet and make some! On Monday we busted out our sewing machines and ruffle feet and went to town. It was definitely a learning process, but by the end of today we should have two finished, and I think the next ones will be faster.

Halfway through the ruffling process, we tossed the ruffles on Emme and had an impromptu photo shoot! It was so fun, and she was so smiley. The B-man wanted in on the action, so we got a few snapshots of him, too!

B-man saw Emme on her blankie and he sat down on his and wanted us to take his picture too!

Then he took a phone camera and was holding it up to Emme and saying "cheese!" Ha ha! Mama's taught him well for photos.

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Jamie said...

So cute! Being crafty is so much fun :) I want your secrets on the pettiskirts though! So stinkin cute! Next time you girls should invite me to sewing time :)