Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Disaster Strikes

The other day we got an error message on the front of our washing machine after a load was put in. When we looked it up in the manual, it said something about having trouble draining the suds, most likely because something was lodged in the drain (like a piece of clothing). We were instructed to remove the front panel and find the blockage.

No sweat, right? Chris is about as handy as they come.

So he sets Emme in the bumbo on the floor of the bathroom right by him and begins to take off the front panel of the machine. When he goes to remove the cap of the drain, it just starts gushing water like crazy! (The manual didn't say anything about water coming out if you remove the cap...but I suppose we should have put two and two together.) Chris starts yelling for help and I run in there, toss him a cup and the salad spinner bowl* I was holding in my hand and he starts bailing water into it. Then I run to the closet and grab an armful of towels and throw onto the floor to sop up the flood that's happening.

All the while, Emme is sitting there in her bumbo, kicking her feet in the water and laughing at her crazy parents.

Long story short, we had water EVERYWHERE in our newly remodeled bathroom. Luckily we were able to sop it all up upstairs, and the downstairs where it leaked through to was already torn out since we're in the process of remodeling.

We removed the blockage (a rogue sock!) and got the machine put back together...but only after having Chris climb in and out of the washing machine closet about 20 times. What a guy.

*Don't worry, I'll wash the salad spinner bowl before the next time anyone comes to dinner. :)


Emily Heizer Photography said...

You write so well! Kicking her feet int he water and laughing at her crazy parents... LOL

Nurse Heidi said...

Priceless picture...definitely one for the wall ;).

Amy said...

Did they mention anything about crawling in and out of the closet ten times in the process of "removing the blockage"? I love how instructions make everything seem so simple.