Monday, April 26, 2010

Emme At 5 Months

We sure love our little miss Emme Lou. She just gets bigger and more aware of her surroundings every day. She loves to be sitting up and looking around and being part of the action. The bumbo is our friend. I wish I had one in every room! Emme especially loves textures these days and she wants to feel everything with her hands.

{Hey mom, this bunny's beard is a lot softer than dad's!}

We also think this little chica is starting to teethe. The only thing she ever puts in her mouth is her hands (she could care less about chewing on her toys) but she chomps on them ALL. DAY. LONG. She's also started weaning herself from her binky. She never takes it when she's awake, and only takes it about half the time when we're putting her down to sleep.

Church is disastrous these days because I did such a good job training Emme to sleep in her crib that she won't fall asleep anywhere else (especially church). By the time we get home it's two o'clock in the afternoon and she hasn't had a nap all day, and I wonder why we even went because I was out in the hall the entire time! Sigh.

Emme loves being outside and going on walks. Chris and I take advantage of the good weather whenever we can to put her in the stroller. We love watching Emme discover the sounds of birds and dogs and feel the wind on her face. She gets so excited that she'll coo and talk to the world as we walk. It's adorable! It makes us stop and enjoy the little things in life more, which I love.

Emme also loves her bathtime. I'm worried once she starts sitting up in the bath and playing with more toys we'll never be able to get her out!

{Emme's freshly-washed mullet}


A-ME said...
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A-ME said...
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A-ME said...

sorry those last posts were mine, I took them off cause even though I am in AP english, I can't spell...oopsies. I was going to say that since you wont cut off the mullett I am glad that it is at least clean:)

The Martin Family said...

Oh my, what a cutie. I love those bunny shots. She always looks adorable!
Owen is loving his hands too!

Mindy said...

Haha, totally agree with you on the church thing. We have 9 o'clock church, which is usually Rachel's nap time...but she won't sleep. I think she just gets too interested in everything going on around her that she won't sleep, which makes her fussy, which put's me in the hall almost the whole time. I was just thinking earlier today how I almost don't even know what the subject for sunday school is this year. Oh well, someday (like after my youngest is in nursery) church will seem real again!

p.s. Emme is super cute!