Saturday, August 21, 2010

Emme At 9 Months

Big news. We can now get clippies in Emme's swoosh-ey bangs. Huzzah!

Emme loves all things soft and cuddly, especially her bunny. She can give "kisses" on command, to whatever object that happens to be in her hand. She loves to bury her face into her blankie and snuggle it.

Emme loves her toothbrush. It's the only toy that can get her to hold still while we change a diaper (or take chair pictures). When you pick her up, the first thing she does is go right for your mouth, trying to get her hand in it. We think she might be a dentist someday.

{Nom, nom, nom. I lurve my toothbrush.}

{Here, bunny...say "ah!"}

At Emme's 9 month checkup, she was still 92% head, 50% height, but down to 10% weight. It's really mind-boggling, because we shovel food in this girl's mouth all day long. But my doctor seems to be more concerned with childhood obesity than slender babies, and she keeps telling me Emme is as healthy as a horse. I never stop worrying, in true motherly fashion, but we keep doing our best to get her 24 ounces of milk, 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. Sometimes I think feeding her is all I do.

Emme is crawling up on all fours, and pulling herself up on things. She can cruise along furniture and toys, and loves the newfound mobility. It seems to help her self-entertain quite a bit more, which is nice! I can get a lot more done when I don't always have a baby in one arm.

Emme can say "hi dada" and "hi ducky." She also says "hi" to random people walking past at the park or the mall, or wherever she feels like it. She can clap on command, and do "so big" as well. We've also been working on sign language with her. We started with the word "more," but she thinks we're clapping when we do it, so she claps for more now. Fantastic. The other day I was nursing her and she reached up and put her hands together and started clapping for "more," all without unlatching. Silly girl!

She continues to be a social bug and is so happy when she's around other people. Everyone always comments on how happy she is when we go to parties and events, and that's because she's such a party animal!

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Ali said...

Henry's percentile really dipped at nine months too. It surprised me too considering how much I fed him. He was burning those calories too quick once he became mobile. At a year, things evened up a bit more.

They don't come any cuter than Miss Emme!