Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Feeding Time

Emme just learned something ground-breaking (for me, at least) this week. She finally figured out that she can pick up the food on her tray to feed herself!

For the longest time I've been cutting up food and setting it on her tray, and then picking pieces from the tray to put in her mouth. She'll rub her fingers around in the food and play with it, and then when she's ready for the next bite she grunts at me until I get it into her mouth. It's like she made no connection to the fact that she could pick it up herself to speed up the process. She stopped taking a binky at about 4 months, and has never really put toys into her mouth, either, so she just never made the connection...until now!

This morning I put a gerber biscuit on her tray and when she had it in her hand, she happened to get it near her lips and get a taste of it. Once she realized it was food and that she could control it, she downed that thing with a vengeance! (She still gets a little frustrated with small things like Cheerios, because she hasn't figured out how to open her fist enough to get them into her mouth...but we're making progress.)

Between nursing 6 times a day, feeding 3 times a day and snacking 2 times a day... I feel like all I do is feed this girl all day long. I'm hoping this discovery will free up my hands for a few minutes at her mealtimes. :)


Seth and Sarah said...

My favorite is the Butt Paste bib! Where did you get that?!

Emily said...

LOL Congratulations to Emme! My favorite part is where she grunts at you until you give her the next bite. LOL What a big girl she is becoming!

There is a link on Nie nie's blog (Nienie Dialogue's) today to a family who's 18 month old daughter drowned in July... their only child, very sad... On her blog she was talking about how important it is to record these memories, even the small things, and to make videos. You are doing so good in writing this stuff down. You are so lucky that you get to have these moments with her.

Make some videos of her discovering she can feed herself and try to get that grunt! It'll be great to show at her wedding! lol

Chris and Annalisa said...

Sarah, Butt Paste sent me a bunch of those bibs when I was pregnant with Emme and doing giveaways on my other blog! :) They're sort of a riot. Every once in a while Emme looks down and notices the baby on her bib and points to it, lol.