Sunday, August 29, 2010

May It Rest In Peace...

We did it. We cut the mullet.

Please join us in a moment of silence while we honor it's memory via some "the best of" mullet photos.
{the mullet-tails}

{the mullet H2O}

{mullet by day}

{mullet by night}

{mullet while watching Twilight}

Okay. Now that that's out of the way, let the fun begin! We cut Emme's hair over at my mom's house -- mostly because she had the tools, and there were plenty of people there to provide entertainment whilst I snip, snip, snipped.

{She had no idea what was coming...}

{The "before."}

{Emme's still pretty happy while the adults strategize.}

{The first snip! Complete with uncle Brent's entertaining antics.}

{What the? When did I get jowls?}

{After the first snip. "Ahhh! What was that?"}

{The mid-way rat tail. Look how long that sucker is, ha ha!}

{The longest locks ever for a first haircut.}

{Trimming it up a bit. "Okay guys, I'm done!"}

{She still loves her mommy. Phew!}

{The "after."}

For a few days afterwards, Chris kept telling me she "looks like a dude!" And I kept telling him "that's why we wear bows!" But it only took a week or so to get used to it, and now I don't miss at at all, like I thought I would.

Rest in peace, sweet mullet!


Val said...

It is totally amazing that her hair grew that long in the first place! I wish my hair grew that fast.

I totally laughed aloud at the jowls comment (you don't you're extremely beautiful and skinny). I have jowl pictures all the time! Sad.

Emily Heizer Photography said...

GEEEZ that backpiece had gotten awfully long!!!!!

So long Mullet! You will be loved and missed by all for a long, long time.

I hope you saved a piece for her baby book to embarrass her for evermore! :)

The Martin Family said...

The Martins are going to miss the mullet, but are excited about the clippies! :)

Seth and Sarah said...

I can't believe how long that hair in the back was!! Grace has the opposite problem of it all growing on the crown of her head, and no where else. We cut her hair this week, and Seth said the same thing...that she looked like a boy! What is with those guys?! Our little gals are beautiful...mullets or not!!