Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Chris has been working in Ogden this month, which means he wakes up at 5 AM to get there every morning. So when his birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, Emme and I made the executive decision to make his breakfast in bed the Sunday beforehand. (We don't do 5AM anymore, thank you very much!)

We woke up early and left dad in bed, and made him some yummy breakfast. Right as we were bringing the tray down the hallway, Chris came walking out of our room. I had to shoo him back in to bed so we could bring the breakfast in. As I set the tray down on his lap instead of on Emme's, she came to the realization that this yummy breakfast was not for her (or perhaps that dad was not going to share?) -- and this ensued:

Luckily, dad shared. And the crisis was averted.

We waited to open presents (...okay, technically it was a present) until Chris's actual birthday. Emme and I gave him a Utah beanie, since he's got his fancy Crimson Club football seats and let's face it, Utah is cold in the fall. Sometimes his Utah baseball cap just won't cut it. (I forgot to take pictures because Chris was on his way out the door to the Vegas bowl early in order to beat the storm, so you'll have to use your imagination.)

Happy birthday, Chris! We love you so much!

Love Mom & Emme.

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Jessica Bath said...

Hope you had a great Birthday day Chris and you are kind to share with the Bambina.