Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Temple Square & Christmas Utah

Last week we went down to see the lights on Temple Square with Emme. We'd driven by a few houses in my mom's neighborhood who were decked out, and Emme ooohed and aaaahed about them. So we thought she might enjoy the real deal.

We parked at the Gateway and took Trax to Temple Square. Emme enjoyed watching out the window as we drove.
Emme loved the lights! She pointed and oooh'd and aaahh'd and loved it. It made it worth the trip to watch her excitement. She was so excited, she had a hard time holding still for pictures.

We were all layered and bundled up since it was really cold out, but we realized we didn't have any gloves for Emme. So we slid my giant mittens up over her coat sleeves clear to the elbows. They stayed put just great and kept her hands nice and warm, but they made Emme look like a seal. Pretty silly.

The definite low point of the night was when I set Emme down on the ledge of the reflecting pool and thought she was balanced (but lets face it -- with all those layers, she was not balanced). She fell forward, whacked her face right into the ice-cold granite ledge of the pool and began to scream bloody murder. Her lip instantly got huge, and I won the mother-of-the-year award. (Go me.)

However, on the way home we drove by the Christmas Utah house in Murray to let Emme see a few more, less-hazardous lights from the comfort of her warm carseat. The lights are set to music if you tune your radio in, and it's so much fun to watch. Emme loved it, and we sat and watched for a few songs before heading home.

Overall, it was a fun experience and we're excited to take Emme again next year!

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