Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Utah Football

This is the first year ever that Chris hasn't been able to finagle his way into a few cheap student-section Utah football tickets. So he bit the bullet and bought two real seats in the Crimson Club. He had a blast going to all the games because he's such a diehard fan, and it turns out that he actually loved being able to sit during the game for a change!

I went to go to a few games with him this year, and unfortunately the one I took the most pictures at was the TCU game (which we lost bigtime). But we had a blast anyway, and Chris can't wait for the bowl game! He's headed down to Vegas a few days before Christmas with his dad -- it should be a nice little getaway with no wife & kiddo. Go Utes!

{Utah vs. TCU}

{BYU game -- so cold!}

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Val said...

Very cute couple pictures.

Chris looks like a mountain man with his beard--in a good way, like happy memories of camping/hiking with our dads & uncles.