Monday, February 14, 2011

Be My Valentine & So Long Storytime

Do you ever have days where you try to do too much and everything falls to pieces? Today was (is) one of those days for me (and it's only lunchtime!).

Each year we like to exchange Valentines with grandparents & cousins. A few days ago, I lost the will to "craft" my own Valentines, so I logged onto and created one. Long story short, the nearby Sam's photo center was overloaded, so I had to schedule the pickup for the Salt Lake City location. But that was okay, because I needed some meat for dinner tonight anyway.

I knew I had a full morning today, so I wake up early and do my P90X (I'm in week 4!), shower, do real hair and makeup because, you know it is Valentines Day, feed & dress & change Emme, go to Rite Aid for my weekly shopping, stop by Emme's daycare to take some Valentines treats to her friends, and then rush down to the downtown Sam's Club to pick up her Valentines cards and dinner supplies. Sam's opens at 10 AM and I wanted to make it back to the library for story time by 10:30.

So I sneak in a minute or two early in the Sam's Club business entrance (but nobody stops me because I've got a child in my arms and I'm walking with a purpose), head back to the meat, grab everything else I need and try to coax Emme to walk back towards the checkout with me (because I forgot to grab a cart). The checkout lines are long (what the heck?) and by the time we get through, Emme's starting to lose it. So I scoop her up and scoop my armful of goods up, and rush back to the car.

We cruise home, watching the clock, hoping we'll make it to the library in time. I stop by the house, run the meat into the fridge, grab Emme a few crackers and bee-line it for the library. We get inside and sit down, and the stories have already begun. Unfortunately, Emme is too entranced by the other kids to even sit and listen. She keeps standing up and trying to walk over and talk to the other kids. It's a giant room with probably 20 kids & their parents, and my child is the only one who can't sit still on my lap. How can that be?

She walks up to the front and plucks a book from the pile next to the "storyteller" before I can catch her and bring her back. When I pick her up, she starts to squeal and we have to leave the room after only 3 minutes. Oy. So much for story time. I let her wander the library for a few minutes, but she has more interest in pulling books off the shelves than actually reading them, so we load up and head home.

As I'm pulling in our driveway I realize that my whole purpose in going to the downtown Sam's Club was to pick up those darn Valentines (which I completely forgot) in my haste to rush back to a story-time (that we couldn't even sit through). Ugh.

So happy electronic Valentines Day, everyone!

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rach said...

Ha ha ha your not alone plenty of those kind of days and that mom brain gotta love it! Hey but look at all you did get done in the day and plus your valentines dinner sounded so good! Hope it all went well! And again so great to see you guys!!! Loves