Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jungle Jim's

Last week grandma Pace took all the grandbabies to Jungle Jim's for a little outing. We had such a fun time!

The very first ride we went on was the carousel. The kids (Emme included) were literally hanging on the metal fence, begging to go on it while we were getting checked in & putting on wristbands. So we finally hop on and I strapped Emme to a horse, and stood next to her. As soon as the ride started moving, Emme went ballistic! She was clawing at my shirt and screaming, until I finally unstrapped her and picked her up off the horse. She calmed down some, but was so freaked out at something until we got off the ride.

The whole rest of the afternoon, she would point toward the carousel, sputter some (profanity-like) jibberish with an angry brow, and cling to your shirt. Bad, bad horses? We just kept the horses out of view and she was fine.

The rest of the rides were a lot of fun. We were a little more careful with what we put Emme on after that. I had no idea she would freak out, because she did so great in Disneyland. Live and learn!

{Grandma & Nora Jane on the rollercoaster}

{Tucker, Melissa & M on the rollercoaster}

{Emme watching the kids go on the swings}

{Tucker & Nora Jane}

{J & M doing "buzz lightyear!"}

{Riding the jeeps, which are not made for long-legged people}

{So concerned, ha ha! She relaxed after a lap or two}

{Having so much fun she didn't want to leave}

Thanks, Grandma Pace, for such a fun afternoon!!

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Val said...

that place looks amazing! (It's weird I've never ever heard of it.) Such sweet little cousin-babies.