Monday, March 14, 2011


I have to share a funny moment we had this morning at our house. Emme's been talking (using real live words) a lot more lately. When we go to the store, she identifies shoes, balls, bananas, duckies, Dora, etc. But every once in a while she'll identify something with the wrong word which almost makes me lose my faith in her ability to actually know what she is saying.

Lately every time I walk out the garage door with her to get in the car, she keeps saying "nana! nana!" which means banana. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what she was saying, because it also sounds a lot like her cousin Hannah that she identifies in pictures. But neither word fit the situation. What the heck, I kept thinking. She doesn't know what she's saying!

Well, this morning I figured it out. As we walked out the door and Emme once again exclaimed "nana," I looked over to my left and spied a pair of Chris's yellow work gloves sitting on top of our water barrel, fingers facing us:
{As I'm typing this, Emme is sitting on my lap, pointing at this picture and saying "nana!"}
{Oh, and don't ask me why there are cups & plates randomly hanging out in the garage. Kthx.}

You judge for yourself, but they do look a lot like a bunch of bananas sitting there in the garage! I cracked up and couldn't stop laughing when I realized that's what she was pointing at. As usual, the child is smarter than the mama!

Every day for the last two weeks, Emme's been asking for one of those bananas as we leave the house and I, the mean mom, have ignored her.

Emme: 1
Mama: 0


Jessica Bath said...

Oh my goodness to top this story off for me I am eating a banana as I read! =D She is one smart cookie ; D

George and Ashley said...

HAHA! they do look like bananas! That's funny :)

rach said...