Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Emme At 15 Months

We had Emme's 15 month checkup a few weeks ago. She is 70% for height, back down to 10% for weight, and a whopping 97% for her head (bigger than ever). This girl is a string bean with a huge noggin. Maybe someday she'll be a genius and take care of her parents so they never have to work again. :)

On another note, if anyone has suggestions on how to get this girl to eat, let me know. We're open to pretty much anything. Lately we've been adding full-fat whipping cream into her food (yogurt, bowls of cereal, etc). I've also been mixing in whole wheat flour with wheat germ, soy flour & brewer's yeast into everything I bake (as directed in this book, which I love).

Emme's got 8 teeth and 8 molars now. When she smiles at me, I can't believe how many teeth there are in there! It's crazy. She's active and chatty and a lot of fun. She even snuggles with us once in a while these days. She's got a healthy obsession with shoes, and she brings them to me all day long to put on her feet.

Our favorite thing Emme does lately is playing with cars. She is the only girl at her daycare right now, and apparently she sees the boys play with cars a lot. Now when she finds her car toys at home, she gets all excited and immediately drops to the ground, "drives" it around and even makes the "vroom-vroom" noises with her mouth. It's hilarious! She even did it during sacrament meeting last week when she found a toy car in the diaper bag. And she does it when we drive in the car. (I'm thinking we need to take a giant supply of barbies over to Emme's daycare. Who's with me?)

Emme's Vocabulary:
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Blankie
  • Ducky
  • Doggie
  • What's-that?
  • Hi (also uses this for "bye")
  • Banana
  • Hannah (her favorite girl cousin on the Spencer side)
  • Nose
  • Eyes
  • No-no
  • Mye (mine)
  • Stuck
  • Shhhhs (shoes)
  • Psz (please)
  • Psz Psz (pretty please - we think? must have learned this one at daycare.)
(She can also do the signs for "more," "all done" and "please," which are so helpful.)

We can't wait for spring at our house. I'm just itching to take Emme to the zoo and to the park, because she's so much more aware and interactive than before. I think this is the most fun age, yet!

{Couldn't be bothered to sit in her chair for any more pictures because she had to go play in her bow drawer.}


The Martin Family said...

She is pretty much a genius! Wow, I am I
impressed with everything she can do. I need to start doing flash cards with Owen or something. :)

Emily Heizer Photography said...

As a teacher this was my favorite age (I taught the 1's) and you could not have wrestled these babies away from me! At one point though I had a class of 9 boys and 2 girls, and BOY was I dying! LOL I also created and ran the sign language program at our school and YES, it helps SO MUCH, especially when we're bridging the gap between those kids who haven't started speaking yet. "Dirty diaper" was another helpful one! LOL

Melissa Henning said...

she is just the most adorable little girl I've ever seen...and that's saying a lot because I have 2 little nieces. I've been lurking for the last year and she is just the most precious little thing ever! Such a blessing for you guys AND she's beautimus just like her mommy so that's an added blessing for her too! :) I really wish I would have done a blog like this for Logan. Maybe I'll do one for #2.

Val said...

Her hair looks platinum blond in the bunny pictures.
I second the earlier comment, she is a very clever girl.

George and Ashley said...

If you want to get her to eat, show her the Gabba gabba video called "Party in my tummy" on You tube. Either it will get her exicted to eat, or give her nightmares :)

rach said...

Holy cow she is getting so blonde of course I would notice that!!! Ha ha she is so fun ok so we need to get together !!! Don't even worry she is perfect and your a great mom! She will be just fine maybe I could share some of my milk with her ! Ha ha miss ya!

Rachel Hoggan said...

What a beautiful little girl! So impressed with all the words she has already--obviously her lack of eating isn't holding her back developmentally :)