Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Rage

Last week I decided I was going to be a good mom. Emme was itching to get outside in the sunshine, so we decided to go to Raging Waters (aka Seven Peaks Salt Lake) for the morning. (I bought a season pass there for me on a daily deal site for $40 bucks, and Emme is free. It ended up being a better alternative than our city pool, whose indoor pool is closed for remodeling and outdoor pool doesn't open until noon!)

So anyway. For $40 bucks I figured we could go there once a week to play in the splash zone and ride the waves in the pool. Plus with our season pass we get in an hour and a half earlier than regular day pass purchasers. Score!

We got there at 9:30 AM and were the first ones in the parking lot and the second ones through the door. It was fantastic! We went straight to the splash zone and played around there for a while. It took Emme a few minutes to warm up to the idea, and the splash zone water (only 6" deep) is unheated so that was a bit of a shocker. (But everything else is heated.)

Needless to say, this girl had a blast. I even snuck her in some fruit snacks and a water bottle for a little treat break. As soon as she'd downed those fruit snacks, she was back in the water.

Her favorite part, of course, was the "wee" in the splash zone. She was too afraid (and frankly too little) to go by herself so she would grab my hand and lead me up the stairs, and then I would slide down the twisty slide with her. We did that over and over and over...

After a while we decided to head over to the wave pool and check it out. Emme was a little hesitant at first, but pretty soon she was trying to shake off my hand and head straight out into the deep end by herself. (Note to mom: bring a life jacket next time!) We had a blast jumping over the waves and surfing on our tummies. And my quads were even sore the next day, to boot.

It started to get crowded around 11:00 AM when all the regulars started coming through the gates. We were pretty exhausted and headed out by 11:20, without any protest from Emme. Clearly she was pooped!

{Have I mentioned how much this girl loves her some sunglasses?}

On our way home we got some Wendy's french fries and then we napped good and hard the rest of the afternoon. Bliss! We can't wait to go again this week with Kelli & Cambree!

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