Monday, June 20, 2011

Brandi Carlile Concert

On Saturday night I went to the Brandi Carlile concert with Amy and Michelle. It was a momentous occasion, because last time we saw Brandi Carlile, Amy couldn't come with us since she was under 21. Luckily, this concert was outdoors at Library Square, with no age restrictions. Yay!

We weren't quite as close to the stage as last time, but it was still amazing. The weather was perfect -- 75 degrees and overcast. Bliss!

The Secret Sisters opened the show, and they were pretty decent. Their voices and harmonies were amazing, but their original songs were just so-so. I'd totally buy an album of theirs if it was full of Alison Krauss covers.

When the Secret Sisters were singing, everyone was sitting down on their blankets and chilling. But the second Brandi came out, everyone stood up and rushed up to the stage, and stayed that way for the duration of her concert. It must have surprised her because she kept saying she couldn't believe we were all standing up! And the first song she came out with was a mellow one (unlike last concert), so I can only assume she thought we were all going to chill on the lawn while she played. Not so!

Last time when we saw Brandi, it was all acoustic. But this time she had a drummer with her, and I must say I loved it! I took a few video clips but they're too big to upload, so when I get them edited down I'll add them.

There was another guy who sang after Brandi but we left because we felt like our show experience was complete. :) Can't wait to see her again someday!

On our way to our car, Amy got The Twins (Brandi's basist and guitarist) to wave to her from inside their bus. Wohoo! Such a fun concert. Thanks for coming with me, girls!

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Marianna said...

I loved that concert! Ray LaMontagne played after her. Check him out he is pretty amazing!