Wednesday, June 22, 2011


We've been working on sharing lately. It seems to be a tough concept sometimes for the oldest child, who has the world to herself. And for some reason, Emme has an even harder time sharing with her friend Sawyer. These two crack me up! They have such a love-hate relationship, and it's hilarious to watch. It must mean they're going to get married someday, because they already act like an old married couple. :)

So we like to visit Sawyer lots, because it's good practice for both of them. The other day Sawer came to visit us, and we practiced sharing Emme's most prized posession with him -- her "neigh." At first Emme wasn't so keen on the idea, as you can see, but eventually she warmed up and they had a good time.

Thanks for the visit, Sawyer Man! We love you, buddy!

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